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TFluorophore 2 maleimide [TF2 maleimide]

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(TF2) family has the spectral properties similar to those of fluoresceins and Alexa Fluor? 488 (Alexa Fluor? is the trademark of Invitrogen). Compared to fluoresceins TF2 family has much stronger fluorescence and higher photostability. Additionally their fluorescence is pH-independent from pH 3 to 11. These characteristics make this new dye family a superior alternative to fluoresceins. TF2-labeled peptides and nucleotides exhibit much stronger fluorescence and higher photostability than the ones labeled with FITC or FAM. In addition, TF2 has spectral properties, pH dependence and photostability similar to Alexa Fluor? 488, making them excellent replacement for the expensive Alexa Fluor? 488. This TF2 product is used for post-labeling of thiol-modified oligonucleotides and peptides that contain cysteines.
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    TFluorophore 2 maleimide [TF2 maleimide]
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  • H-Phrases
    H303, H313, H333
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    Fluorescent dye maleimides are the most popular tool for conjugating dyes to a peptide, protein, antibody, thiol-modified oligonucleotide or nucleic acid through their SH group. Maleimides react readily with the thiol group of proteins, thiol-modified oligonucleotides, and other thiol-containing molecules under neutral conditions. The resulting dye conjugates are quite stable.
  • R-Phrase
    R20, R21, R22
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    Excitation (nm):503, Emission (nm):525, Extinction coefficient (cm-1 M-1):75000
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