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Australasian Cytometry Society 41st Annual Meeting

After 14 gaps years, ACS 2018 sees the long-awaited return of the ACS Annual Conference to Adelaide! Held from October 21st - 25th at the Adelaide Convention Centre, ACS 2018 will follow on the heels of the highly successful CYTO Asia conference held in Singapore in 2017.

Adelaide is undergoing some remarkable transformations at the moment. With three freshly-minted institutes completed in the last 3 years, the medical sciences industry in South Australia is growing rapidly. Fortuitously, our conference venue overlooks our new health and medical sciences precinct. With such perfect timing and location, ACS 2018 will present a wonderful opportunity for scientists with a passion for cytometry to engage with world-class researchers from Adelaide, Australasia and beyond.

We have an exceptional line-up of speakers with a diverse range of research and clinical cytometric applications from mass cytometry to exosome research and forensic cytometry.

We look forward to welcoming you to Adelaide for ACS 2018!

With thanks to Michael Wilson for permission to use the photograph incorporated into our logo.

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