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Renin Assay Kit - Fluorometric

Catalog No : EZ-0525
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    100 Assays
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This assay allows for high-throughput screening of renin inhibitors and continuous assay of renin activity by using proprietary fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) peptide that reacts with renin to form a red fluorescent product. Signals increase with increasing renin activity, and can be monitored with fluorescence microplate reader with excitation at 540 nm and emission at 590 nm. 
  • Product Name
  • Catalog No
  • Detection Method
  • Storage/Stability
    -20°, C/3 Months
  • Fluorometric Readout [Ex (nm), Em (nm)]
    540, 590
  • Manual
  • Range Detection
    ?1 ng/100 ul
  • Tar Name
Application Images
Image 1 The Renin Assay Kit - Fluorometric allows for the detection and quantification of endogenous Renin within the range of ≥1 ng/100 ul in cell lysates, sera, and plasma.
Image 2
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