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Cf-Mup, Sodium Salt *Superior Alternative to Mup*

Catalog No : Z0009
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    10 mg
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Although MUP is widely used for detecting phosphatases in solution it is not well suited for living cell or continuous assays since MU (4-methylumbelliferone), the enzymatic product, which only develops maximum fluorescence at pH value of >10. Thus it is also difficult to use MUP for the detection of phosphatases that have acidic optimal pH range such as acid phosphatases. ABD Bioquest is pleased to offer CF-MUP Plus that is developed to address this pH limitation associated with MUP substrates. CF-MU exhibits maximum fluorescence above pH 5.0, thus CF-MUP substrate can be well used for continuous phosphatase assays. It can also be used for the assays that require acidic pH such as acid phosphatases and some protein phosphatases.
  • Product Name
    Cf-Mup, Sodium Salt *Superior Alternative to Mup*
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  • H-Phrases (GHS) for Dangerous Goods by EU 1272/2008
    H303, H313, H333
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  • Shelf Life
    12 Months
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  • R-Phrase for Dangerous Goods
    R20, R21, R22
  • Symbol for Dangerous Compound by EU 67/548 EWG
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