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Aspartate Transaminase Assay Kit - Colorimetric

Catalog No : EZ-0506
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AST catalyzes the aspartate cycles and is important in amino acid metabolism. It transfers an α-amino group from alanine to α-ketoglutarate in a reversible transamination reaction to produce oxaloacetate and glutamate. The L-glutamate product from AST catalysis can be coupled to an enzyme reaction cycle to form blue-colored product. Signal increases with increasing ALT levels and can be read with absorbance microplate reader at 575 nm or with greater sensitivity using absorbance ratio A570nm/A610nm.

Application Images
Image 1 The Aspartate Transaminase Assay Kit - Colorimetric allows for the detection and quantification of endogenous Aspartate Transaminase within the range of 0.3 to 300 mU/ml in cell lysates, sera, and plasma.
Image 2
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