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NAD/NADH Assay Kit - Colorimetric

Catalog No : EZ-0508
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    400 Assays
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Existing methods to detect NAD/NADH require exhibit low sensitivity and high interference. These are performed using expensive quartz microplates and in the UV range. In contrast, this assay utilizes a sensitive, one-step process with enzymes specific for NAD/NADH, resulting in high detection sensitivity due to an enzyme cycling reaction. A longer wavelength range reduces the interference from biological samples, resulting in low background fluorescence signals. The plate can be read by an absorbance microplate reader at 575 nm, or with greater sensitivity using absorbance ratio of  . Purification of the NAD/NADH sample mix is not needed prior to reading.

  • Product Name
  • Catalog No
  • Detection Method
  • Storage/Stability
    -20°, C/3 Months
  • Colorimetric Readout (nm)
    575 nm
  • Manual
  • Range Detection
    0.01 mM - 10 mM
  • Tar Name
Application Images
Image 1 The NAD/NADH Assay Kit - Colorimetric allows for the detection and quantification of endogenous NAD/NADH within the range of 0.01 to 10 µM in cell lysates, sera, and plasma.
Image 2
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